Artist's Statement — Asa Pritchet

I have been working steadily at art, in one form or another, for more than 40 years. I started my first professional training when I left my home and college in New Paltz, New York in 1969 to study painting and sculpture at Oakland’s California College of Arts and Crafts. Although I pursued painting and fine drawing for much of my early career, I could never keep my hands off pottery—whether museum quality art pottery or a primitive find at my neighborhood Goodwill store.  

Today, the creative inspiration flows when I have my hands in clay, working on a piece. A quick motion of my hands, and the form takes an unexpected direction—if I'm lucky, it may become interesting in a way I couldn't anticipate. If it's a hand-built piece, I may draw it out as I intended, but most often, at some point it doesn't work out, according to some inner voice. Then I have to look at it anew—and from this point on, I go on autopilot, trying to resolve its awkwardness. Sometimes what I come up with is more interesting than my original idea, and when this happens I am inspired to do the next piece.

How does this all work out, why do I keep on this path? I don't really know. But a good day is when I am lost in what I am doing, for hours on end, and that inner voice is guiding me.

Since I began forming and firing clay shapes, I haven’t looked back.

I guess I'm always working hard to focus and organize my free-floating ideas about shapes and colors, to get these often elusive forms out of my head, released through my hands, and into the solid world. 

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